Reading for a Transplanted Life

Now loaded on my Nexus7 KINDLE app is THE HEALING CELL, touted as an easy to read, carefully researched, and clear-eyed view of medicine many decades in the making. Cancer-free stem cell transplant patients like me know this truth about stem cells that are now paying off with treatments that repair damaged hearts, restore sight, kill cancer, cure diabetes, heal burns, and stop the march of such degenerative diseases as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and (in my case) mantle cell lymphoma.

The emotionally and intellectually stimulating stories throughout the book dramatically illustrate that stem cell therapies can change the way we live our lives after being afflicted by a disease or trauma. The book is the result of a unique collaboration between the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture and the Stem for Life Foundation. It includes a special address by former Pope Benedict XVI, urging increased support and awareness for advancements in adult stem cell research.


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Reading for a Transplanted Life