Keeping score is fun with shots like this (golf)

One of my favorite retirement pursuits is playing golf at a neighborhood course about once a week. Coming back from the long-term chemotherapy of 2006-07 and then recovery from the 2007 stem cell transplant has been a challenge physically. I am constantly aware of the loss of muscle tone and strength (not to mention memory cells).  Long drives are not part of my game, but I strive to hit them straight whenever I can and to stay out of the traps and other course obstacles, and that’s not easy on a course like Glen Ivy.  Yet, some days are better than others.

As a high-handicap player, you can expect that I am most elated with an occasional par score in any round, so you can imagine my elation today when I actually scored a birdie (one under par) on hole #12 at Glen Ivy Golf Club in Corona.

My unexpected good fortune came on the 355 yard par 4 dogleg left hole that the course map guidebook admonishes players to off the tee: “avoid the bunkers on the left midway toward the green.”  In order to understand the short narrative of my three shots, see the image on the left where I  mark approximately where my first two shots landed on the way to the green.

Atypical for me, my first shot with my #1 driver traveled around 150 yards to the center of the fairway.  The second shot with my hybrid fairway wood was about equal distance, also down the center just beyond the cart path that crosses the fairway about 75 yards from the pin located in the center of a large green.

The clincher was my third straight good shot in a row (rare for me) with a 7 iron that I managed to loft about 10 yards from the hole. I almost jumped out my shoes when I saw the ball roll the last ten yards into the cup!

This was indeed my shot of the day and perhaps the year.  The rest of the round was actual typical with my final score at an even 100 for the day and my twosome partner, Larry, ended with a 94.  Notable was the fact that other than the birdie hole, my round included identical scores of 50 on the front and the back nine.  The score is encouraging for me because it puts me within only one shot of breaking the magical “100” ceiling on this most difficult 6000-yard course.

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