Dee Dee and I, now retired since January 2010, are thankfully enjoying our early retirement years because of the successful treatment from MCL (see notes that follow). In late October 2011 we changed our home residence for the 20th time in 40 years of marriage.

Our last move is to the community of Trilogy at Glen Ivy, a golf course 55+ retirement community just south of Corona in Southern California. Going back a few years, in March 2006, I contracted one of the most aggressive forms of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). We never obtained lasting remission from some 16 different chemo treatments while waiting for a unrelated donor stem cell transplant (MUD SCT), the only medical procedure that offers hope of a cure for MCL. The SCT was completed on August 22, 2007. Shortly, we were well into a second year cancer-free, knowing that recovery was steady but slow with some skin rash (GVH), still on Feb. 25, 2008, I returned to work on a part-time basis.

Then, in late-July 2008, I returned to work on a full-time basis. But the MCL returned in July 2009 and a month later I started TomoTherapy (radiation) that was successful and returned to medical leave status until March 2010 and officially retired because my former work was largely dealing with grateful, but sick hospital patients, making the risk of contact a serious threat to my health.

While cancer-free at this time in Summer 2013, the immune system seems to be almost normal, but not without certain precautions. To help boost the immune system, I have been getting periodic infusions of immunoglobulin and a miracle drug called Rituxan, a unique therapy that works by selectively depleting CD20+ B-cells. B-cells, and their role in cancer and autoimmune diseases. My doctors say that these infusions may continue indefinitely but become less frequent. See my blog for more details now and in the future.

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  1. Mike, God places people in our paths everyday, what we do with those we meet depends on us. Yesterday, I went for my 6 month cleaning to my Dentist. I met your sister-in-law, Nan. My husband, Randy was diagnosis with MCL August 2012. He underwent 5 months of Chemo with a Stem Cell Transplant at Sarah Cannon in Nashville on 4/4/2013. We were unable to find a donor, Dr. Ian Flinn was able to perform the SCT with Randy’s cells. While we are in the early months post SCT, we are blessed he is feeling good. We return to his Oncologist, Dr. Eric Raefsky every 2 weeks for labs and will return for his 2nd Bone Marrow biopsy post SCT on 10/2. We are so encouraged by your story and thankful to Nan for giving us your name and journal access. If you and your wife are ever in the Lebanon are visiting Nan, we would love to meet you. God Bless You Both. Jeanette Vance

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